Monday, October 28, 2013

Green With Envy

I bet you were expecting to see some fantastically wonderful green quilt I'm working, huh?!  Nope…the only thing green around here is ME.  Totally envious of all the people who went to Houston Quilt Market over the weekend and the accompanying show Quilt festival this week.

I contemplated going when I first starting putting together a business plan for Gotcha Covered Quilting.  Then I used some maturity and wisdom (these are 2 newly acquired attributes, I might add).  Did I really need to go to quilt market to see every last wonderful gadget, pattern and newly announced fabric line just as I'm getting started in business?  Is that really a wise choice for someone who might possibly be a little impulsive and impatient?

No!  And so I opted to stay home this year.  I know it was the right decision.

 But I've been feeling a bit like this…

Totally feeling left out of all the fun and excitement.  The girl who wasn't invited to the party with all the cool kids.  Waaaah!!!

I could have hung with all the really popular bloggers and phenomenal quilters who I stalk regularly.

That could have been me in the picture with Tula Pink. >>>>
It could have, I just know it.  I'm certain we would have become immediate friends because I'm cool that way and she's cool that way (or so I've heard).

Oh gosh, and Kate Spain could have gushed about my Ka-Bloom quilt and I could have gushed about…well, about everything she has ever created.  We would be besties by now.

And after browsing all the machine quilting done by Angela Walters (Quilting Is My Therapy) and Natalia Bonner (Piece N Quilt), they would have offered up tons of advice and introduced me to some of the big wigs in the quilting industry as their new protegee.

*Big Sigh*

It really is best that I wasn't there with my hands fondling fabrics and threads because I'm certain my credit card would be maxed out and I'd have to jump start the other part of my business that I'm not quite ready to jump start.  I really am using my new found maturity to slow myself down (I think my mom just shed a tear of joy)

Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Instagram have been on Quilt Market overload just like my poor envious brain.

Here's a little taste (a very small taste) of what's caught my eye so far.

Fox Field by Tula Pink

Marcelle Medallion from Liberty Love

Garden Party Tango from Iza Pearl Designs and Windham Fabrics

Aardvark Quilts.  That quilt to the left
is the same quilt that I just made for KK

A little more Tula Pink

Dear Stella

If you want to get a glimpse of what we all missed, here are a few of the sites I follow on Facebook who have put together a nice array of photos.

The Fat Quarter Shop (She's my local favorite quilt shop…the nicest people you've ever met work there)

The Intrepid Thread

Pearl The Squirrel

Sarahs Fabric

Jay Bird Quilts

Piece N Quilt

Happy Monday to you all!

Until next time...

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PS.  I hope I linked everything up properly, giving credit to those whose pictures I've borrowed for today's blog.  If I missed something, please let me know and I'll fix it promptly.


  1. Cheer up, Carrie! Getting back to quilting something green will make you feel much better!

    1. What, and use up my good green stash? I'm cheered up though :).

  2. Sounds like you were basically there! Haha, in your mind anyway:) I am envious too, maybe next year...on my side of the states next time. We can dream!

    1. I was most certainly not there *wimper*. I don't know if I'm going to go when it's on "your side" because that's a really LONG travel for someone who hates, hates, hates to fly! Never say never though! Of course dreaming is a good thing because in MY dreams there were no lines, no crowds, no sore feet, no exhaustion :).