Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Bit of This and That

With the creation of Gotcha Covered Quilting my intension was to blog at least once a week.  I figured I'd have something to show off, some tutorial to share or just general blabbing about life.  I mean, in real life I talk plenty, so it stands to reason I'd never be short on words for my blog.  Some how though, I've been feeling like I need to have a completed project or have a full story to tell for my blog and that's not how the past 2 weeks have been.

However, I have been able to create this...

I swear this area creates its own mess.

…mess!  How does this happen so easily and quickly?

I've been trying my hand at Dear Jane…ahem, block 1A.   Uh, sweet Dear Jane is kicking my butt.  It seriously took me all night to figure out how to manage just this much.

A stack of beautiful Tula Pink fabric has been set aside because this Dear Jane is going to be entirely Tula. Oh my gosh, just thinking about it makes me a bit nutty.  I really love her gorgeous and whimsical fabrics.
5-inch Tula Pink charms and the Dear Jane book to  guide me through this very lengthy process.
I have been commissioned to create a memory quilt (more on that in a future post), so I've been spending a great deal of time and energy creating something that I hope they will love and will match the vision they had when they originally hired me to make this quilt.  I'm using fabrics that I would ordinarily not choose, but I've really fallen in love with them.  That's the great thing about making commissions…it's pushes you outside your comfort zone or beyond your usual style.

Fabrics for commission quilt

And have you all been over to And Sew We Craft?

They are a wonderful group of women who cover just about everything on their website from cooking, to scrapbooking, to knitting, crocheting, quilting, and more.  There is a wealth of info, projects, encouragements, tutorials.  There's a true modern day artsy craftsy collaboration going on over there.
Just love this Kate Spain fabric
As a celebration of reaching 2000 likes on their Facebook page, they are having a giveaway with a chance to win multiple prizes, including a 5-inch Kate Spain Sunnyside Charm pack.  Bet you can't guess who has donated that prize.  Please stop by their website and their Facebook page, have a look around, and enter your chance to win one of many great prizes.

Some very exciting changes are going on behind the scenes over here with GCQ.  I'll give you a little hint and tell you that it has something to do with fabric…lots of Moda and snuggly, soft Shannon Fabrics.  More info to follow very soon, maybe even in time for some post-Thanksgiving shopping.  That's it, I'm not saying any more for now :).

Lastly, Instagram is my new addiction.  Actually, it's an addiction in the making.  So much fun to share and see what others are doing, making, creating.  You can follow me by clicking the link on the right side bar.  See you there...

So tell me, what have you been working on?

Until next time...

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  1. I just love the chatty and informative format of this blog. I feel quite comfortable reading about quilts, fabrics, brands and places I did not know existed. So it's sorta like being inside and outside of my comfort zone at the same time. Also, I love the workspace photo. I know workspaces make their own mess- and supplies etc. multiply in the night.....

    1. Wings…glad to know I'm not the only one whose workspace creates its own mess. I guess that's the ongoing plight of a creative person.

  2. Ooo, you are brave tackling a Dear Jane! Love Tula and bet that will look fab! Good luck with the memory quilt, fun to try new things.

    1. I'm fairly certain Dear Jane is tackling me at the moment. I figure it's going to be a long, ongoing project, but I don't want to waste a bit of Tula Pink, so I'm bound and determined to not have this be a WIP for more than 10 years ;).

  3. I am sure creative mess breeds all by itself. Good on you for starting a Dear Jane quilt block, I'm too scared.

    Thanks for sharing the 2000 likes giveaway too. We really do appreciate your donation.

    Amy x

    1. Yes, creative mess does have a life of its own. And why would you be afraid of little ole Dear Jane? :) Thank YOU for having me be a part of your 2000 likes party.