Monday, May 19, 2014

American Made Brand Solids


"We started American Made Brand with one desire: to reach back to the proud tradition of American textiles and produce a fabric entirely sourced and manufactured in the 
United States."

And they have done just that.  American Brand Solids cotton is cultivated in fields across the US.  Rather than being loaded onto cargo ships and sent overseas, the cotton is send directly to mills in the US where it is made into yard, woven into fabric then dyed.  The end result is wonderful fabrics at reasonable prices to fulfill all our quilting dreams.

AMB has created 50 wonderful colors, although my shop has 19 in stock at the moment.  I have several others on back order and will continue to fill in with new colors as the need arises.  

I think this colorway is my absolute favorite right now...

From the brighter colors

 to the lighter hues  

I'm absolutely thrilled to add these American Made Brand Solids to the growing palette of solids 
I already carry.

Please swing by my online shop to order yours today.